“Service is the virtue that distinguished the great of all times and which they will be remembered by. It places a mark of nobility upon its disciples. It is the dividing line which separates the two great groups of the world - those who help and those who hinder, those who lift and those who lean, those who contribute and those who only consume. How much better it is to give than to receive. Service in any form is comely and beautiful.”

Bryant S. Hinckley

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Hard Floor Cleaning

Keep your floors in tip-top shape using our safe, Eco-friendly natural floor cleaning formulas!

Tile and Grout Cleaning/Sealing
Using a specially developed tile and grout cleaning solution and high-pressure, hot water rinse and fully enclosed vacuum system, Allserv can restore clean and gleam to tiled surfaces - bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, tiled foyers, sunrooms, and more...

Wooden Floor rejuvenation/gloss coating

Coating a wood floor involves applying a coat of finish on top of the existing one. This procedure requires no sanding, is relatively inexpensive, and takes only a few hours to complete. The floor is first screened with a buffer, which slightly roughs up the surface so that the coat of finish will adhere better. A high-gloss or satin finish coat is applied!

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Ask us about Hot Water Pressure washing of areas exposed to weather conditions!

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